Deface the power

With creativity, imagination, and spray cans in hand, only you can stand up to Mr. Buff and his army of gray business lackies, restoring life and color to the citizens of Cap City. B Corp and its aesthetics of conformity don’t stand a chance against Valah and the RKGK crew.

Go ahead, show off

How fast can you go? Chain together jumps, dashes, glides, and grinds to reach the perfect flow state in Defacer mode – where Valah’s world becomes her animated wonderland. Master routes and speed through levels as you take down Mr. Buff’s cronies with style.

Be bold

Break through enemies, overload your senses, and take back control. Use Valah’s paint abilities for stylish traversal, chaotic mayhem, and leaving your vibrant mark on every corner of Cap City. The more vibrant and daring your tagging, the more notoriety you’ll achieve.

Deliver the people

How fast can you set the citizens of Cap City free? Channel your power through art and resist Mr. Buff’s mind-controlling technology. Restore freedom to the citizens of Cap City and test your abilities against the B Corp minions. Master routes and speed through levels like an old world master of the spray can.

Art is resistance